Elastomeric membranes

Are you looking for a durable, tough, low-maintenance roof covering in Laurentides, North Shore and Montreal? The elastomeric membrane is a natural choice. Flexible and lightweight, it offers you maximum protection with minimal maintenance.

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What is an elastomeric membrane?

The elastomer takes the form of a very durable bilayer membrane. The two layers are fused together with a torch - a delicate and decisive operation for the life of the coating.

Only a professional roofer can install elastomeric membrane. First of all, we proceed with the installation of a fire protection, before laying the underlay and the granular layer with a torch. Another advantage of the elastomeric membrane is that it can be installed in Summer and Autumn.

Once installed, the elastomeric membrane requires only one examination every year. These are recommended in order to prolong the life of your flat roof and avoid problems that may occur.

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